Love Plus Flour Weekly menu for 1/28

In order to expand my culinary horizons and reconnect to my Sephardi heritage, I’m taking a trip to Spain. You can follow my Spanish adventure on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Even thought I’m out galavanting across the globe, I’m able to offer a somewhat scaled-down menu. Click here for the printable PDF version of this weeks menu, or read below.

Meanwhile, visit for more details, to sign up for weekly emails, and to peek behind-the-scenes each week with an essay about the recipes, tools of the (baking) trade, and more.

I hope you come by this week.

Love (plus flour),

Isabelle Adato

Menu for 1/28

To order please call or text 440-539-6726
or email:

Orders must be placed on or before Wednesday
Pick up Thursday 6:00pm – 8:00pm


Egg Challah

  • 1 Lb. Braided $3.50
  • Challah Roll $0.60

Water Challah

  • 1 Lb. Braided $3.50
  • Challah Roll $0.60


  • Peanut Butter Cookie $1.00 each or $12.00 dozen

As always, all orders are baked completely pareve and vegan options are available.