Welcome Bart, the Newest LovePlusFlour Addition

Last week I was distracted by the preparations to unveil the online ordering (LINK) system, and completely missed telling you about Bart, my newest addition to the LovePlusFlour team.

“Bart” is short for the Hobart A200 20-quart mixer. To me, Bart is 204 lbs of pure baking power. But for you, Bart means you’ll start to see products I couldn’t offer before – whole wheat challah; it means I’ll have the ability to make larger batches – and therefore create more items each week; and it means I’ll be able to experiment more and bring new items to you.

Bart is also my first true “commercial” equipment purchase, and represents another milestone for LovePlusFlour Bakery, and I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to the Hashem and the community for supporting me all the way.