Something a Little Different: Cake Slices For Sale

You may have noticed a little something extra on my menu this week (find it here:

I’m selling cake. Not just an entire cake. THAT is normal. No, what’s different is that I’m selling individual slices of cake.

Part of my reason is purely practical – I set up a new page on the website to show off my “standard” cakes – these are cakes I can make at (almost) a moment’s notice* and provide to you (almost) any day of the week.** You can see Part of setting up that page was to get some pictures of each of the cake flavors. And since I wanted a shot of each slice of cake, along with the whole cake itself, I found myself trying to figure out what I was going to do with 64 slices of cake.

So reason #1 for selling individual slices of cake is “because they are here”.

My second reason is that I’m always trying out new things. While it’s obvious that some folks want a whole cake, there may be people who want just a little bit, and don’t want all the extra sitting around afterward. So you’ll have to let me know if this is something to keep on the menu or not.

So give me a call, text, or email; or head over to my online shop and order up a slice (or more. We don’t judge.)

* For us here at Love Plus Flour, “a moment’s notice” means at least 24 hours’ notice.
** Except Saturday and the Jewish holidays (chagim). We’re really REALLY closed on those days.