Introducing: Cake Buckets!

Now that I’ve been selling my standard cakes for a while, one thing that I’ve learned is that cakes do not, in fact, emerge perfectly shaped from the mixer, nor do they rise perfectly flat in the oven. Corners must be rounded. Tops must be leveled. Frosting must be smoothed out.

And what happens to the bits and pieces that are left over? If you’re like me, those are the bits that everyone nibbles on throughout the week. The problem is, when you’re running a commercial bakery, those bits ad up!

And so, if you are an enterprising young baker like me, you find a way to turn lemons into lemonade – or in my case, cake bits into a cake bucket.

If you head on over to my online menu, you’ll find this novel new item on the list. Flavors and quantities will vary based on the cake orders that week, but they are all guaranteed to be yummy, even if they look kind of funny in the bucket like that.