Love Plus Flour Shavuot Menu 2021


Shavuot is quickly approaching and I am ready for all you early planners! On the menu this year are delicious apple and mixed berry turnovers, cinnamon rolls and of course cheesecake! I make my cheesecake in 8 different flavors plain, funfetti, strawberry, blueberry, cookies and cream, pecan pie, chocolate caramel, and chocolate peanut butter. If all those flavors sound interesting to you, I also offer a sampler cheesecake which has a slice of each flavor so you can try them all! I am offering an early bird special so order before midnight on May 1st and use the code Shavuot2021 at checkout or mention it to me when you order to get 10% off your order! As always my standard desserts of cakes, cookie and pastry trays, and cake buckets as well as egg, water and whole wheat challah in an assortment of flavors and sizes are available.

 I am still offering delivery or porch pick up options. Those procedures are:

  • All orders must be pre-paid.
  • I’m offering free delivery for customers who live in the area between South Belvoir and Richmond, and Cedar and Fairmount.
  • If you would still prefer to pick up your order, text me on your way or call me from your car when you arrive and I’ll set your order on my porch. Once I’m inside you can come and get it.

These precautions are intended to keep everyone healthy – both my customers and my family.

If you have any questions about this, please contact me by phone (440-539-6726)

Click here for the full menu in PDF format and remember to visit for more details, to sign up for weekly emails, and to peek behind-the-scenes each week with an essay about the recipes, tools of the (baking) trade, and more. Meanwhile, I invite you to drop by and do some window shopping.

I hope to see you this week.

Love (plus flour),

Isabelle Adato